Cody Iowa


war is deadly

Dear New President:

My name is Cody Boender I live in Oskaloosa, Iowa I attend Oskaloosa Christian School I am eighth grade.

I am writing to you about war. I think that you need to be careful on war it is a dangerous thing it can be good or it can be bad. We need war to keep other people in check so they don’t do terrorist things. But war also can be bad because other countries will think we hate them and that will not be good. War is questionable it can be bad or good but you're the president you can make the choices

This issue matter to me because there is a lot of bad people out there and they will do it to us in a split second. So we need to adjust to this global problem. I think you should anticipate what other countries will do, because if they just bomb us out of nowhere. I have never been in a war, so I don’t know how it is so I don’t know. I think war would be bad if it is in the USA because I love our country.

You should care about this because you are the leader of the country and everybody is counting on you to make the best decision. God made this country how he liked it and i think you should ask God what to do and see what he thinks is right. War is violent and with deadly groups out there it can be hard to judge sometimes. I know how it is war can be good or bad so I know how you feel. But war is dangerous so be careful.

You can look at our military and decide what to do and you need to because we don’t want any trouble with other countries. If we don’t mess with other countries they won’t mess with us. Our military is powerful and talented so they can do anything they want to other countries. But you need to be smart not stupid because other countries our smart too. Like I was saying our military can do anything so you need to be smart.

I think God will allow us not to bomb other countries, I think God wants peace in the world and love in all countries. In Isaiah 30:41 it says you will soar on wings like eagles they will run and not be weary, run and not be faint. So we need to trust in God. God is the most powerful person in the world he can do anything. But you need to believe in him and have faith for the future. You need to trust in God and put your hope in him because he's better than you even if you think not.

You need to listen to me you need to be careful with war it’s so powerful. Trust in God, Believe in God and you will be fine.


Cody Boender