CatlettD Kentucky

Problems Today

Problems Today

Dear Future President,

I live in Northern Kentucky (near Cincinati). I believe that our country has some small and big problems that you need to try to fix. Some problems that I believe that effect our country is terroism, school education, and better school lunches.

I believe that terroism effects our country a lot because of obviously all the lives they have taken but also all the stuff they have destoryed and bombed. Not only have they done that but they also make our airports, bigger buildings,etc where you have to go through a lot of security which is safe but we should not have to worry about someone bringing a bomb on an airplane or a building to try to kill other people. It also is a lot of money to have that available for every airport and building. This is why I think if we get rid of most terroism our country will be much much better.

The next topic I want to discuss is better school education. I think that our schools are good but I dont think they are as good as I think they could be. I think one thing to make our school a lot better is instead of just having four main breaks we should go to school for three weeks and take off one and repeat this process over and over for the year so students are more focused when they are in school because they got what they need to get done and get a week to do it. I think this will improve grades and make america smarter and many more will go to college and do better things with their life.

The last topic I want to talk about is better school luches for every school. I know that all schools are trying to only have healthy foods for the students to eat but most kids dont even eat the healthy foood unless is something they like. Not only will kids not eat the lunches they are throwing it away and wasting the food that the schools provide. I know you are probably thinking well if they dont like the lunches they should just pack their lunch to school. School already start early and kids have to rush to get ready sometimes and dont have the time to pack our lunches. I think this will have kids more focused because they arent hungry this will then lead to better learning I believe.

This is what I think that our future president should focus on first with our country. These are just a few situations that I think will make our country a much better place. Terroism,school education,and better school lunches is just a few of the big problems that our country has. Good luck with being president and lets “ Make America great again.” C Catlett