Emari Florida

Black Lives Do Matter! Racial Discrimination

Dear Presidential Candidate, The issue concerning me the most is the Black Lives Matter Movement. This matter has caught my attention because of the conflict between both political parties. The Black Lives Matters Movement is specifically designed to voice the validity of African-American lives. It seems to me that even after about 245 years of slavery in North America, racism and worthlessness against African-Americans has gotten worse over the course of years. It’s just been able to hide behind the walls of media. Isn’t funny how media could not only hide certain things from you, but also show you the truth at the same time? One thing that people may or may not realize is you can’t just look at the stupidity of some people within a group and decide that all people are like that one person.. Especially when dealing with the issue racism. Have you ever heard the name “Trayvon Martin”? Just like you and I, he was a citizen. He was someone's friend, brother, and son son. On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman shot the 17-year-old walking from a convenience store in Sanford, FL claiming that it was out of self-defense. Was he killed because because of the alleged “assault and conflict”, or because of the color of his skin? Racism noun 1. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. The stereotypes that people possibly find funny, entertaining, or amusing; is insulting to others and have gotten too out of hand .. Such as “all black people like watermelon, fried chicken, listen to rap, have flat noses and have big lips”. It’s absolutely humiliating to hear that. How would you feel if the people of your race, nationality, etc. seem to be getting killed every day and then to hear those racial slurs being said in front of you without even the tiniest consideration of your feelings? Not so great, huh? To have those around you be surprised that you speak proper English and then being told that you speak and “like a white person” is insulting and demeaning to me and my family. When the music you favor is not necessarily expected because “all people” of your race are supposed to like the same genre.. It’s even worse when you are discriminated by people of your own race. Being brainwashed by societies idea of what it means to be black is one of the reasons that the Black Lives Matter Movement has become so popular. This is the problem that needs to addressed, because black lives DO matter. Emari 08 Renaissance at Palms West Charter.