Sean Y. Florida

You Are What You Eat

Eating a well balanced meal is essential, it's what keeps you going! But are students in public schools REALLY getting just that?

Dear future President of the United States,

I am a resident of Miami, Florida and I'm writing to you because of the atrocity known as school lunch.

I've been attending Miami-Dade County Schools for all my life really, I've never had a problem with our school system (anything major that is). But the one thing that stayed consistently bad throughout the years is our school lunch. I can vouch that i'm not the only one who believes this, in fact it's not just a county thing, but rather a nation wide issue with public schools. Food is bad, REALLY bad. The recurring theme for the first lady (or maybe our first man :D) is putting out social issues. For example, our current first lady Michelle Obama put out a school meal plan, now whether you like our President and first lady for the past eight years is another discussion, but Michelle's meal plan is definitely a bust, just ask students around the nation!

Michelle Obama's plan was to provide "new nutrition standards for school meals while expanding access to taxpayer-funded breakfast and lunch to millions of students." This plan was enacted in 2010 and all it did was reduce the size of our school lunches and banning the sales of sweet or sugary snacks on school premises. You can argue that the quality of our lunches has gotten worse in fact. Not only is our food unhealthy (ironic isn't it) but the portions have been reduced, making our meals smaller does NOT make it healthy! 

What i'm trying to say is that we NEED a reform for our school meals, i'm fine with making it healthy, in fact it's perfect! But we truly need to make it healthy and not serve us cheese burgers in plastic bags ( yes that's on the menu) and instead provide meals that are healthy and taste great, trust me i'm not expecting to get served fillet mignon but something simple and nice to eat! Now I know if a bill is passed to serve students normal food that it won't affect me since i'll graduate from High-School by then, but if you can help out the future generation of American students and have public schools serve good and healthy lunch, you're already improving our nation! 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Sincerely, Sean Yakobson  

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