Katherine M. Florida


Abortion is an ongoing problem in America. The problem goes with the part of having fake abortion clinics, and yes we do have these, across America there have been woman who have struggled to get an abortion but the fake clinics wouldn't let her, they would just try to convince them to keep the baby . These clinics should be dealt with and woman should have the freedom to abort when necessary or wanted.

Dear Future President,

        Ending a life is dreadful, I get it, but in some cases it is needed. Abortion is very frowned upon here in America, it is so disliked that people go out of their way to create fake abortion clinics called ''crisis pregnancy centers'' or other, which are clinics where woman make appointments to get abortions but never get one because the clinic itself is just a decoy to try to talk woman out of having an abortion to ''keep a life''. I'm sorry Mr/Mrs President but this just isn't fair, it's disgusting and so selfish of the creators of these centers, woman are made to reproduce but if one doesn't want to why should she be forced? Do you know her situation? No. What if she just doesnt want to bring kids into a world where she's forced to have a kid or even badly judged for not wanting any? 

       To get my point across, these fake clinics are run by very small minded people, mostly jesus freaks, but they only carry the thought of keeping a life. Think about the actual human being in front of you begging for an abortion, pleading that she can not keep this baby,being  too young to have children, still in school,not in a committed relationship, scared, running out of time, and you disregarding all her tears of plead and tell her she shouldn't kill what's inside of her because it's an unborn life?Tragic. First case, if a woman feels like she isn't prepared or stable for a child, she should help the unborn and herself from the struggle she might have to go through for it. Second case, if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant , what in the world makes you think she'd like to keep that child? And no you may not come across woman who will tell you this , because 80% of woman who are raped confess that they have been due to low confidence or fear so what makes you think she will spill it when she's trying to get rid of an unwanted child? The list goes on and on of reasons and cases that woman don't want to keep the unborn. Everyone is different just because you don't approve of it doesn't mean she cares.

         In conclusion, I beg of you to try your best to enforce the freedom of abortion here in the Land of the Free, and stop these false clinic centers whom judge and give woman a hard time to make the choice of what they'd like to do with their unborn child. This needs to be ended.

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