Alexis R. Florida

Homeless Veterans

We need to help our homeless veterans.

Dear President Candidate,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  There are many  homeless people in the world but and too many of are our U.S. veterans. About 11% of homeless Americans  adults are veterans. Most of them don't have family and have been injured while serving. Some of them have Post traumatic stress disorder, lost limbs,  mental illness, traumatic brain injury, suicide risk, etc. They end up with this and also end up homeless. They've done so much for us and gave up so much , so i feel that we should help them get up on their feet. Give them some clean clothes, a roof over their head, and some food and water. I think that's the least they deserve if not more. So we need to focus on helping them get back on their feet.


Alexis R. -08 Renaissance at Palms West, Florida