Michael L. Florida

Global Warming

A letter to the Future President of the United States of America

Dear Future President

     I am writing you today about a problem that's very important to me and millions of Americans across the country. Global Warming is one of the biggest problems in human history and the destiny of our planet is in our hands. If nothing is done, horrible things will happen, for example, Antarctica's animal population is decreasing. Also, the environment is changing because of constant temperature changes caused by the greenhouse effect.

     Antarctica's animal population is moving, decreasing, and ending their hibernation's early. The polar bears are thinner and less healthier than those of 20 years ago. Many of fish are moving northward to find colder water, so that they can survive and produce offspring. This is happening because the rays of the sun get through the ozone layer melting the icecaps making the water heat up. The marmots end their hibernation three weeks earlier than usual because of the warm weather, according to the article "live Science: How Global Warming is Changing Wild Life Kingdom." We should care because if all these things are happening to the animals maybe they will eventually happen to us.

     I am also concerned about the environment changing because of constant temperature change, caused by the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Effect is important. Without the Greenhouse effect, the Earth would not be warm enough for humans to live. But if the Greenhouse effect becomes stronger, it could make the Earth warmer than usual. Even a little extra warming may cause problems for humans, plants, and animals.

     So, Mr. President, Global Warming is something we want to stop. If we do not react soon, by the time we do react, it might be too late. I think that laws should be passed to help fight Global Warming, no matter what it takes. I believe that people should be forced to recycle. Next, we should try to save energy by turning off lights and other things that don't need to be official. We should try to plant more trees and be more energy efficient.


Michael Lappage

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