Marie F. Florida

College Affordability

This is a letter discussing the concerning issue of college affordability.

Dear Next President,

I am writing to you with hopes that my voice will be heard and that there will be one less problem Americans like me have to deal with. It is never too late for the youth of the nation to speak up about the issues prevalent in today’s society. Among the many problems to be addressed, I would like to discuss one regarding education. As a college-bound student in high school, I have frequently heard that post-secondary education is costly and can sometimes be beyond the financial reach for many students. That being said, I demand that colleges and universities become more affordable.

Nowadays, it seems virtually impossible for a person to graduate from college or university debt-free. For some, the choices after high school include either going to college and being bombarded by debt or not going at all. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that points to the fact that colleges and universities in America are becoming increasingly more expensive. There is no doubt that college complicates the financial futures of many young people in America. In light of this prevalent issue, it would be wise for the government to consider making some changes in the financial sphere of post-secondary education. The decision makers of this country need to realize that the high costs of attending college can pose a major barrier to many students who simply can’t afford it.

I propose that the government allot more money and resources to colleges and universities. It is imperative that you, the president, consider education to be an important priority and part of America’s future success. It needs to be ensured that every single student in this country is granted the opportunity to pursue a higher education and attain a professional degree without being overwhelmed by inadequate student loans and over-priced textbooks. It is in this manner that I believe students from any position on the socio-economic spectrum will be able to aim high and accomplish great feats in their academic pursuits. I believe this prospect, although it may seem a bit distant and far-fetched, is the key to securing America’s future success. By making certain that every student gets the chance to experience college without being thwarted by student loan debt allows for bringht and young minds to unleash their true potentials. This way, no student will be left behind; every child will be allowed to fully discover their academic potentials and put their creativities to use. Imagine the possibilities that can arise as a result of innovative bright minds engaging in the workforce in the future. Their successful endeavors in the academic and vocational setting will propel America forward, promoting the emergence of ground-breaking innovations and technologies.

Imagine how great America would be if every single student was able to graduate debt-free; to pursue whatever desired field without having to worrying about financial hurdles. America would surely be greater if every great mind had the chance to be put to good use. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope my voice has been considered in your decision making process.


Marie Feliu

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