Sophia Florida

School shooting

My essay is about school shooting and how it has greatly impacted out community today.

Dear future president,

An armed society is a dangerous society.

        I am a resident of Miami Fl and I am writing because there is a lack of school safety for my community and friends. School shootings have been occurring all over the country. School shootings have a political impact on the society bringing the press for a stricter gun control law. Bulling is a problem that provokes shootings at schools. A lack of supervision by parents, bad physical discipline and bullying inside the home describes certain characteristics that most likely cause them to buy a weapon and to start drinking at such a young age. We need to have a good emergency notification system in place to warn the students when danger is happening. An example can be to send a text message to students cell phones. Also practicing the lock down system, This idea may be obvious but there are about 57 percent of schools who don’t do the lock down system because it interrupts education.

      Parents should also talk to their child to let them know not to be scared to report things that seem out if the ordinary. Seeing the warning signs can be a big plus to help stop the violence and it all starts now. Dear future president school shootings is not something to ignore it is affecting our community in a negative way. School should not be place for children to be scared to go. We need to regain that confidence those children once had. If you can take what I told you into consideration and try to find a solution for this problem.

Thank you 

Sincerely Sophia Martinez

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