Bryan B. New York

Gun Control is Ruining America

Gun Control is what many believe can be good, because these people's linear train of thought thinks that "Less guns=less gun violence." However, gun control is much more complicated than that.

Dear Future President,

In Chicago, strict gun laws have been put in place, so why does the crime rate there keep skyrocketing?  The answer is because criminals do not follow gun laws.  They are already breaking a law, so why shouldn't they just break another.  Others will still say, "well, how will they get the guns?"  People will obtain what they want if they go to extreme measures to do so.  If that train of thought was logical, how come we still see marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are still on the streets?  I thought they were illegal.  But apparently wanting to keep the second amendment in place is wrong.  Furthermore, it is not guns that kill people, because if that were true then pencils misspell words, and cars drive drunk.  These are inanimate objects and can't just kill people by themselves.  There are as many guns in the U.S as there are people, but almost everyone properly uses their guns.  So how can we fix this gun crime issue?  By not restricting guns.  Law abiding citizens will make sure that criminals will not commit gun crimes, because, after all, if you were a criminal, you would want to go to the place where no one will stop you.  Gun control is not necessary and is doing nothing but harm. 


Bryan B.

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