ashton t. Michigan


Dear Madam or Sir, Immigration is a big deal in America. Every person in America ends up paying for the immigrants too and i don’t like that. Some ideas of immigration reformation are; How will your solution impact children immigrants?, does everyone have the right to come to the U.S.?, and is there a risk of increasing the population of immigrants? Answering these in a good way is a great way for solving this problem.

Many immigration ideas harm the child immigrants in America. Well first of all, they couldn’t do anything about it about coming here. So my solution is to stop paying for them and then they might go back to Mexico, or we would find them and tell them to go back and we will pay for the trip back. The kids will have the choice to go back with their parents, live with a relative that is legal if there is any, be legalized if they are over 16, or adoption.

Next is that not everyone should be aloud to come to America. This is because BAD people will enter the country illegally. The only way they should be aloud in America is legally. The reason why is that they bring drugs, guns, and when they get hurt or have to go to the hospital we have to pay for immigrants. Whoo! That’s why we will have a bigger wall and like a fence around the border like a prison fence. Such as the prison fence will keep people from escaping prison and then it must stop people from getting across the border.

For the children immigrants, they have a few options available. They can stay for adoption to have a chance to start a new life with a new family. Next is that they can go back with their parents but they don’t have to. The last option is to stay with a relative that IS LEGAL but the chances may be slim. Also I think not everyone should be aloud in America because they could be criminals or drug smugglers. That’s why at two miles along the border we are going to have a three armed guards at a watch tower and a rest stop. Behind these is going to be a 25 foot high prison fence and a regular fence with a little canal in the in the middle of them. Finally if we increase the population of immigrants we will have to pay a lot for them, they will take up jobs, and smuggle illegal items into America.

So as you can see, these little things could help our immigration problems ranging from a nicer blade covered fence to giving kid immigrants a few choices of what they want to do.


Ashton Thrush

Ithaca Junior High School

8th Grade Social Studies - 5th Hour

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