Max D. Michigan

America Wants to go to College

It is an essay detailing why the tuition of public colleges should be lowered.

Since 1978, the price of college tuition has risen 1,120 percent. That stat alone should be enough for anyone to realize flaws in the education system. I am currently a senior in highschool, and I have started to send out college applications. Even if I am accepted into the school I would like to go to; will I be able to afford to go there? Because of the extreme cost of college, many students have given up on their plan to further educate themselves. If we want to invest in the future of America, we need our students to attend higher levels of education. In order to do this, Mr./Mrs. President, you must find a way to lower the cost of college.

Imagine the youth of America as a new employee at a job. As this employee gains more experience, knowledge, and furthers his skills; he/she will move up at the company. They will become a better worker, and a more efficient worker. The expense to train the employee is well worth it in the long run. If college was to be made more affordable, more students would be able to further their education and skills. In the long run, each person will become a better, more knowledgeable, and more efficient worker for our country. Mr./Mrs. President, you should see college as an investment for the future America; the expense to the government and universities of lowering tuition, will be greatly made up for from the benefit society receives in the form of a better workforce.

As a student currently looking at colleges, I can certainly confirm that tuition prices are outrageous. Approximately seven out of ten college graduates go into debt after college. The average amount of this debt is estimated at $28,950 for each student. This debts that occur from college act as a ball and chain, holding back graduates from pursuing their careers and lives. It is hard to buy a house, rent an apartment, or even start a family when you have student loans looming over you for years. Reducing prices will allow more student to graduate debt free. With no student loans to pay back, Americans will have more time to start their post-college lives.

If we don’t make a change to tuition prices now, when will the increasing prices ever level off? Mr./Mrs. President, you must make this change now! It has been too long that public universities have ran their schools as a business. Public universities are a “nonprofit” organization. It sure doesn’t seem that way anymore. Schools look at two major things when reviewing applications; do they have the grades?, do they have the money? As the President, it is imperative that you regulate public colleges. They should not be able to run their schools as a business any longer. If you don’t change this now, then colleges will continue to raise tuition prices to even more ridiculous amounts.

Many times, the reason that people live off of a lower income than most, is the lack of having higher education. This is where the cycle starts. Your parents didn’t go to college so your family's income is lower compared to the average. You yourself are getting to graduate high school and you find that the average yearly cost to attend a four-year public college is near 70 percent of your family’s income. You now realize that going to college is not an option. Now you enter the workforce straight out of highschool, raise a family and have the same issue occur for your own kids. Cases much like this one occur all over the country; to put an end to the problem, we simply must lower tuition prices. Mrs./Mr. President, look at the numbers and facts, understand that this is a major issue you must fix to preserve the future of America.

In conclusion, the price to attend a public college is one of the most pertinent issues that our country faces. If you want the future of America to be better off economically than it is now, you must invest in the youth of America. The benefits of sending more students on to higher education, is well worth the costs. Mr./Mrs. President, I hope that this essay allows you to realize that action must be taken to fight the rising costs of college tuition. Cutting the cost of college will only increase the output produced by society.