dennis Michigan

Gun Restrictions

This letter is about how we need a stronger gun restrictions and how we need a new law to keep guns away from little kids.

Dear Next President,

We have lack of gun control. There have been too many shootings. In the first two months of 2016, there had already been 27 mass shootings. In 2015, on the 274th day, there had been 294 mass shootings. Our solution to this problem is easy. We need new gun restrictions. Many gun owners have already agreed to new gun restrictions. There’s always been gun restriction, but we need stricter gun control. If we had more gun control, gun violence would reduced.

Some people say that we should keep the restrictions the way they are and keep the punishments the way they are. They say that people should be punished by having their rights to keep and bear arms taken away. However, if we keep the gun control the way it is now more people are going to get hurt or worse, die. 13,286 people died just last year. This needs to stop!

I believe we need higher gun restrictions because if we do not get this under control more people are going to die. In the United States, over 88.8 guns per 100 people. That’s 270,000,000 guns in America. 3.5 per 100,000 guns are used for homicides; that’s 11,208 deaths by homicides. 21,175 people die due to suicide.

I also believe that we should stop putting guns where kids can get a hold of them. It should be a law to put your guns in a secure place safe from your kids. 35% men and about 12% women have and use guns. Half of these people carry and/or hide guns on themselves or in a purse or bag. There is a story of a six- year- old boy who picked up his dad's revolver and killed his father because the father left his revolver on the coffee table with the safety off. That’s only one example of why we need gun control.

Please, Next President, do something quick. There are lives on the line. I can’t stress enough that we need new gun restrictions. We need something done quickly because there are lives hanging in the balance.



8th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, MI