AndrewYang Wisconsin

Gun Control

Law should be more strict when buying/selling guns

Dear Mr. President,

I believe that the law should be more strict when it comes to acquiring guns. First off, studies show that there is a correlation between the growth of both guns and death rates. Statistics display a staggering 32,000 deaths per year by guns in the US. With the increase of death rates, there will obvious be an increase of medical care expenses. There are multiple cases of teens getting their hands on guns from their parents and end up shooting others. Everyone who wants a gun should have to take classes on understanding how to use guns and how take care for them. Not only that, there should be extensive background checks on the people. Distribution of guns should be strictly looked at with having all people who sell guns only to people with official firearm licences. By doing so, “bad” people wouldn’t be able to get their hands on guns so easily. The majority of gun owners receive guns as a gift. This goes up to 46% of them, while 34% have taken firearm safety classes, 32% are into the gun culture, and 19% of them use it for hunting. It is said that the majority of deaths by guns are by people who don’t own guns legally. By having a strict law to gaining access to guns, it can prohibit many felons and other bad people from getting guns resulting in less deaths and other problems.