Jasmine E. Michigan

Gun control

My claim is that we need to reduce the laws of guns because to many people are getting hurt now days.


Gun control needs better laws for everything. Even at home sometimes maybe even for hunting to.Gun control should at least be lowered down and highered in some part for both poor and rich if that is the case.

The problem is that 13,286 people were killed in the U.S. by fire arms. People ages 15 and 24 are most likely to be targeted by gun violence. Because of people that are rude and have guns and even the riches have the most terrible treatment because of gun violence and scrooges. The poor people are always getting close enough to likely be killed by guns when people aren’t hunting or practicing.

There are reasons why guns affect people even when they don't do anything.Some people are harmed by their own guns or weapons so you need to fix this so there isn stricter laws in the U.S. for weapons.GUN CONTROL should be inforced big time with everything going on in the world.When this is enforced it will be a better place to live and have your kids go outside without getting shot or even hurt to.

The other things that are wrong isn't that people like to hunt and they need guns and weapons the hunt.Even though some things should be illegal that doesn't mean hunting should be banned. But kids under 13 should not be able to have a weapon.So thay is why gun control needs better laws.