Yannis E. Georgia

Police Brutality & Racial Inequality...

Citizens of all races feel unsafe & some uncared for. We need to trust one another and care for each other to keep families and friends safe.

Dear Next President,

Police Brutality is an example of what is happening to justice in our country. Officers are committing murders and causing problems which causes not just African-Americans, but citizens of all races to feel unsafe & some uncared for. We need to trust one another and care for each other to keep families and friends safe. It is stated on news reports and news articles about how people are getting affected because of police brutality and racial inequality. A whole bunch of African-american friends and families are being affected as well. Crimes such as police brutality affect how people think of officers and how they will react to them the next time they come in contact. 

An example from The New York Times, Mele talks about an African-American male found in the remains of a burnt car with a gunshot wound due to a fatal police shooting, because of non-violent protest. There have been several reports involving protest & marches. More and more African-American lives are being lost due to “false-alarmed threats”. People don’t seem to realize each African-American life lost causes more and more protest to begin. 

From my perspective it's cruel and wrong to kill an innocent human being just for standing up for what they believe in, but most of these deaths really occur because not everyone gives their full and complete trust to African-Americans. All that was taking place was a protest and if people can't accept something simple as protesting citizens, we will begin to wonder what will happen if people take action. These types of issues have made citizens worry because innocent lives are being taken because of false statements and non-violent protests. If this continues, rage will begin to evolve and if that happens who can predict what our world would look like in the future. I know that some reports of police brutality have not been the full responsibility of police officers, but I will argue upon the fact that even though only a few reports haven't been the fault of African-Americans, there are some crimes in which it's the officer's fault. In conclusion, officers and citizens need to connect and respect one another because if not the world could result in a dramatic ending.