Saskia Florida

Black Lives Matter

In this letter I address my concerns of local communities and minorities in relation to police brutality. A change needs to take place and it starts with you.

Dear Future President,

My name is Saskia Cadet and I am currently a senior attending Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus and a resident of North Miami. I am writing this letter because of my growing concern with the increasing numbers of victims of police brutality. Unjustified fatal shootings, rough and aggressive treatment, severe beatings all being disregarded by the eyes of justice. More and more names of these victims are added to the never ending list of hashtags and majority, unfortunately, being African-American males.

As many cases and incidents of police brutality are continued to be broadcasted and rallies and protests continued to take place, no change is really being made and justice has yet to be given to these families of victims. Seeing such horror doesn’t bring a bit of content to myself and many individuals in my community as I have seen.

Mothers and fathers are left anxious, hoping to see their child return home unharmed. African American males cautiously go about their days in fear of being pulled over and potentially becoming a victim themselves. These are things that a community shouldn’t have to worry about especially from those who are lawfully serving to protect. Don’t get me wrong not all officers are a threat to society yet the growing numbers of police brutality related cases are leading people to feel as so.

The change starts with the heads the government and from there works its way in effect to local communities. A possible way to begin is putting in place stricter policies and reteaching correct police tactics and approaches to each and every situation they may encounter, common or not. An end to police brutality or even a great decline in numbers of related cases is a change that I want to see in my country. I believe it can be done with the help of you, your team and the people as a whole. We shall one day, as one, live the words BLACK LIVES MATTER too.

Thank you in advance for considering this matter and taking the time you read this letter.


                                                                                                                                                Saskia Kornelia Cadet

Senior at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School Biscayne Bay Campus