Duong T. California

Equality and Justice

Racial Injustice

Dear Next President,

What is the difference between equality and justice? Equality is every person can stand in the United States no matter they were Black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish or any others race else. But those people receives a different treat of how Americans do to them. Justice is despite of who they are, what race they were, those people receives a same treat of how Americans do to them. We cannot tell people still having a negative looks about others race but the way they did, the way they treated is never erase to the society. Example of the protest in North Carolina, a black man was shot to death when the police tells he was holding a gun but his family had said he was waiting for his children to pick them up. Then why this is a problem? In 2016, the statistics of black people had been killed by the police is 51.1 percent out of 12,765 people were killed by the police. We need justice for those people who receives lost, injured, and racist. Not all black people is bad because no one knowing their history, their life, and what they had been pass through so don’t look them by your eyes, look them by your heart to feel. To Black people, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish and any others race, give them the justice that they can stand in United States and to be proud of the citizens.