Logan R. Nevada

Hello Future President

I would like to tell you some things that need to be fixed in our country and some ways they could be.

Dear Future President,

       Hello future president, congratulations, you made into office. Now to the reason why I am writing this letter. You are now the leader of our country, so that means you have to fix the problems of this country. Some ways of healing this country involve, closing the gap between communities and law enforcement, leveling out the education is this country, and making more American based jobs. How to fix these problems is up to you, and the people who surround you. But just as a suggestion, how about every once in a while a select few people in a community get to ride around with the police officers and see what they do on a day to day basis. By leveling out the education of this country, some states receive better education than others. That is just not fair, if we really want our country to prosper, have every single state receive the same education. Another initiative to take would be have more interaction among the states. Finally more American based jobs is a no brainer. If we had more jobs in America, we would have less families in poverty. Thank you, and I hope you take my words into consideration.