Kate P. Nevada

We all bleed red man.

examples and statistics about how unequal transgenders get treated and judged my hateful people and why things need to change

Dear Future President,

You know you’re more likely to be Transgender than to be struck by lightning? Same goes with being attacked by a shark, that’s fascinating have you ever looked into how many shark attacks and how many people get struck by lightning a year? “One out of twenty people are Transgender,” so if a big portion of the population could be transgender why don't’ they get treated as equal as others?               

Let’s be real here, we barely made gay marriage legal, why are transgender people or anyone else in the LGBT community treated less? People aren’t even accepting still of the gay marriage laws. Cause in all honesty the LGBT community isn’t treated as equal as much as others, as I have experienced.There’s a girl that I am subscribed to on Youtube, her name is Angela Vanity, she won prom queen for her school. But in her videos she talks about how she gets discriminated in school and in public places. People tell her that she's a boy she should be using the boys bathroom, she is fully transitioned to a women. She uses the women's bathroom because she is a woman.

She’s one of the many people in the LGBT community who suffer from criticism because they are who they want to be. My mom would always tell me to treat people the way I want to be treated. “One out of two people in the Transgender community attempt suicide by the time they're twenty.” People in North Carolina are actually filing lawsuits because of the transgender bathrooms. People are so judgemental and hateful for no reason, some places created bathrooms for transgender people. What people think is that the bathrooms are a waste of space or that others will use them for something that is not the purpose of the bathroom. By that it means that predators will eavesdrop and invade the space of others using the transgender bathrooms. This has been an already existing problem for years upon years. If it were simple to change the mindset of other people to just have them allow it because little do they know transgender people ARE PEOPLE TOO just like the rest of us, we all bleed red.

Transgender people overall are very much disrespected when all they did was transition into someone they can finally feel themselves in. The bathroom policy is one thing but it starts something big. People need to be more accepting of the issue I have no idea how it will be fixed but if it can somehow be fixed that would be greatly appreciated. Drops mic.


Kate P.


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Damonte Ranch High School

1st Period

Dramatic Literature. 11th and 12th Grade students.

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