Kenady R. Nevada

Paying For a Lifetime of Debt

College tuition is causing students not to further their education and drowning families in loads of debt.

Dear future president,

Me being a senior in high school getting ready to make one of the biggest decisions in my life, like what college to go to When thinking about which college to go to, tuition cost is a big issue for me. According to the college board out of state tuition averages out to be $22,958 while in-state is about $9,500. In 2012 the average college graduate finished college with $29,400 in debt. That’s ⅙th of your way to buying your first house. The percent of students who graduate with debt increased since 2004 from 65 percent  to 71 percent  in 2012 according the Huffington Post, a news site that covers all of America’s biggest issues. Just thinking about the amount of money I am going to have to pay if I want to pursue my dream of going to college out of the state I live in makes me not want to go. Future president, please do what you can to help make college more affordable for everyone.

The average family in america makes about $60,000 a year and a year of out of state tuition is about half of their yearly earnings. I come from a bigger family with 4 brother and sisters not including myself and we all plan to go to college that’s roughly $110,000 for our family to pay to send us all to college. College is a destination for most high school graduates but for some families it just simply isn’t an option.

I believe that everyone should be able to go to college and not have to suffer from it later on in their life. It takes someone who went to college an average of 21 years to pay off all of their college debt. On top of the high tuition cost we have to pay a substantial amount of money on books, food, and housing. College students wind up paying $1,300 in just books and supplies plus the $9,000 for dorms or rent.

The high tuition causes a lot of students to drop out of college in debt and not having a degree to get a well-paying job to pay off their debt. The cost also just causes students to not go entirely even if they want to. I think every student who wants to go to college should and not have to go in worrying about the amount of money they will have to pay when they finish. Many kids are contemplating whether college is even worth the debt and loans.

I understand that free college isn’t actually free since it will come out of taxpayers pockets but I’m not saying college tuition to be free or anything I simply just wish to see the costs of out of state tuition to go down so anyone who wishes to explore new places and get a higher education can do so. I wish to see the cost of college to go down for the younger people who wish to go to college don’t have to face the problem that most high school students are facing right now.



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