Shelbi Andersen Washington

Let's Get More Students in College

Getting more kids into college will educate our country and make America more successful and generally happy.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

College is a pretty big topic today. People prepare for it years in advice and work their but off just trying to get a shot at getting into their choice colleges. And other people say “What the heck,” an give up because their chances are so low. And there are those who don’t even know where to start.I think America should focus on getting more students to college, whether it’s making it more affordable or simply giving more opportunities, because the more educated a country is, the more efficient it becomes. The children you educate now will be the ones running for office in 30 or so years to come.

Many colleges have started cutting their tuition prices in half for freshman, including Rosemont College. "For us and for our families, the system that most college and universities are following of having very high sticker prices and high discounts to go along with it was really getting out of hand," says Rosemont President Sharon Hirsch. "In our case we were advertising a sticker price that wasn't the true tuition." In the last four years, they have had an increase in students going to Rosemont. They had made their tuition from $32,620 to $18,000. The students that wouldn’t have even thought of going to college could now have a chance at a higher education.

Forty-seven percent of American high school graduates who complete neither a college- nor career-ready course of study, according to a report released by The Education Trust. Too many kids leave high school without a clear idea of what to do next. These kids either struggle to get into any college or they end up staying in their parents basement for the next 12 years. Only 8% of high school graduates, according to The Education Trust website. Why? According to an article on The Education Trust site, “schools focus more on credits then knowledge and skill development for after graduation” (Bromberg) They should start preparing students for taxes and future time consuming things.

Current President Barack Obama is also looking into free college, at lease community college for up to two years. Making that happen would require community colleges to strengthen their programs and states to invest more into their education and training. Students would need to be responsible and earn the best grades. In an article by The White “By 2020, an estimated 35 percent of job openings will require at least a bachelor’s degree and 30 percent will require some college or an associate’s degree.” Getting more people to college will get most of them into well paying jobs. It’ll make our business and economy richer and more effective. It’ll keep alot of future families off the street.

People think if you lower the price of tuition, they get lower quality education. Others may argue that it’s the student's job to be be prepared for after graduation and their responsibility to get to college.

Both of these a valid but truthfully, it’s simple. College’s would just need to reassure students that the education is as efficient as before and people who say students need to get themselves to college need to understand that kids haven’t done this before. They need help to get anywhere because most don’t know what gets them places.

I’m certain that get more kids to college will help America in the long run to become a powerful, perceptive country and I’m convinced that if you work hard for our students, the students will work harder for you; and for others; and for themselves. Don’t you want a stronger country, one that works together and brings our country success? Then I suggest getting our kids to college!

With All Due Respect,

Shelbi Andersen

*All offensive or controversial topics are unintentional and don’t blame the writer, she just innocently wants college.


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