Rylie A. Nevada

My Contempt for the People of America

From what I know of politics, which is quite a bit, I have seen many idiotic ideas that have no purpose. There is more out there than what we consider our problems to deal with, so let's take a look at what this world is filled with.

The first thing I want to say it's that I recognize the fact that I am a kid and I understand all that means and all that implies. I would like to note that I grew up with politics and am extremely active with my politics. I am also arrogant and extraordinarily prideful. These are just facts to note.

Taking all that into account, I believe that there are too many people out there who allow themselves to be misinformed or not informed at all. They either believe everything they hear or just don't bother listening. Then, there are the people like myself. This who only believe what they want to believe, something that is natural to do. People have tunnel vision and hearing. While I admit to being just like everyone else in this point, at least I try to see from as many sides as possible. Most people don't even have that going for them. 

People are very focused on what they want to hear, so focused that they can't seem to be able to prioritize. They focus on the insignificant things and will support anyone who basis then with what they consider issues. We need to prioritize what's truly important; our safety and our freedom. How we feel isn't anyone's job to fix but our own. The rest of the world isn't important to anyone here unless they are our allies or our enemies. America needs to focus on America. That's it. 

It is the job of the president to look after our country. The president doesn't have the ability to make laws, declare war, or rule over us. However, the oval office holds a powerful person and that person needs to get their priorities straight before they let this country. We are Americans, that means we're free, that means we're safe, that means we're strong. Nothing else is acceptable.

At least, these are the ramblings of a child. A child who is proud and arrogant. A child who has never experienced the real world. Will you listen to a mere child in this country?