Christian Pennsylvania

Refugee Crisis

With around 9-10 million Syrian Refugees displaced from the Syrian Civil War, the United States should take action and accept more refugees.

Dear Future President:

It has come to my attention that the Syrian refugee crisis is becoming a large argument throughout the United States. With an estimated 9-10 million Syrians displaced from the Syrian Civil War, this issue is increasing and must be dealt with. We seem to be ignoring the issue, compared to other highly debated topics, which is unacceptable. The United States should take more action in the refugee crisis, and make an increased effort to take in refugees.

Famous president Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his State of the Union address, people have the right to “freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom from fear, and freedom from want” (Merino 27). While the United States goes on with their everyday lives, 600,000 people have attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea to find freedom from fear in their current crisis (Infobase Learning). The United States should take more initiative to help these refugees.

Syria is in “a state of human rights and humanitarian crisis” (Amnesty USA). They are denied many human rights, especially the freedom of speech, which Roosevelt says is essential in his quote. The Syrian refugees are trying to seek safety and escape their violated rights; however, the United States is not allowing them into our country, demolishing their dreams of freedom and American privilege. It seems intolerable to have the words of Emma Lazarus’s “The New Colossus” on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, promising that we will take in “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” when we avoid accepting a greater amount of refugees. We did promise in 2015 to accept 10,000 of these Syrian refugees, however, compared to Germany’s 500,000 refugees that were taken in, it is only a minimal effort (Infobase Learning).

The United States is also spending more time worrying about the dangers refugees can bring into our country instead of helping them (Infobase Learning). We are so caught up in border security that we can forget the importance of helping the refugees. Although there have been terrorist attacks linked with foreign refugees, it is intolerable to use this against the refugees that need to seek safety.

The refugee crisis has been a major topic discussed in today’s society. As the new President of the United States, I hope you will be able to improve the refugee’s situation. The refugee crisis is nowhere close to slowing down, but we can help this catastrophe by taking action and accepting in more of the millions of refugees displaced by the Syrian Civil War. Syrian refugees have not received the attention they deserve, and with your time and commitment I am sure you can lead the United States to solve the refugee crisis.


Christian G

Lower Dauphin High School

Mrs. Morgret's 9th grade Honors English students

Periods 4 and 5/6 from Lower Dauphin High School

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