Jonathan M. Pennsylvania

The oval office requires a respectful president

The president of the United Sates should be respectful and nondiscriminatory.

Dear Future President,

Every president needs to be respectful and aware of the country's needs, beliefs, and the type of person you are (women, black, white, Mexican, Syrian, gay, trans, etc.). Until this election this topic was not commonly talked about talked about and was a given that the president will not discriminate in any way. Then Donald Trump ran for president.

As I’ve already said, in no way should the president be racist. Donald Trump is evidently racist considering he has called Mexicans drug dealers and rapists and he still seems to have a chance at winning the election. In addition it is almost certain that he at least doesn’t like African Americans considering that black voters in Pennsylvania, according to NBC News, are 90% Hillary Clinton, 1% Trump . Those numbers alone show how Trump is racist and unfit to be our next president.

In addition a president should never think that one gender is better than another. In this presidential race, Trump has done exactly that. He has bragged about sexually harassing women and making fun of a family whose son just died in the army. He has also attacked many other people and even imitated a reporter with special needs.

If our citizens vote for Trump enough to even make the election close then there’s a problem. This means that the American population needs a better education and to be taught different beliefs by their parents and teachers.

As you can see, Donald Trump is unfit for president and should follow and respect the beliefs that every president should have. Every president should show respect for others and I hope that over the next four years there is a respectful and non-discriminating president.

Bala Cynwyd Middle School

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