Bri L. Indiana

Children in poverty

A realistic look at how school funding hurts the innocent children of our country.

Dear President,

A grand issue is among our country, but sadly it is being overlooked by the hundreds. I am just a 17 year old female from a very small town in Southern Indiana. I attend a small school in comparison to most, however, in our country it is the largest school system. I am not writing this as an expert on the subject, because I know that there is more to it than what meets the eye but I am going to be the voice for hundreds of kids that can’t speak out. Kids all over the country are living in poverty, and their parents are barely making enough to take care of themselves let alone their kids. These kids look forward to school because they get to eat, breakfast and lunch which quite frankly may be the only meal they receive. Kids that have families that meet a certain requirement can receive a lunch with reduced pay or even a totally free lunch from their school. But do to budget cuts all around the United States, people of greater power than the school board and staff are wanting to take away free and reduced lunch from all of these children and forcing them to pay price that everyone else pays. This is a major issue for all children. 50% President. That is one half of the children in the entire state of Indiana . Just imagine what the national number is.

President, we have little time before this gets approved. Children of the United States are depending on you. The children of America, your children need your help. They need you to not let these people take away their only meals of the day. How would you feel, President if you were in the position of these families? If the only meal that is provided to your children is from their school and now people are wanting to take that away from them? How would that make you feel? That is how all of these families are feeling, living in a world of unknowns. Some children are living with single mothers or fathers, and their parents cannot suffice enough money for them but they are giving it all they have. One cannot punish the child for their parents doings. It is not the child’s fault that they don’t have money so why are we punishing them by taking away their food?

I see this first hand every day, kids eating their only meals of the day and never getting enough to suffice their hunger. I have seen families that struggle with money that depend on their children receiving free and reduced lunch. Come to a regular high school for a week and you will see what I have been seeing for my entire school career. You will see children receiving a very small portion of food that is not the amount they need. Students all over the country depends on this, you can’t just take it away.

Now is the time Dear president, the time to take action and keep supplying schools with money to give these children a meal. To give YOUR children two meals a day, breakfast and lunch. Now is not the time to settle, or to become muted and weak. This is a time to show strength, perseverance and dignity for what you believe in and for what you think is right. Don’t make the lives of these children harder, ease the burden and do one small thing for the good of the many. Don’t let free and reduced lunches be taken away, the children of America are counting on you President, to stand up statewide and be their voice. Stand up for the children of America, for your children.