Autumn R. Indiana


We can help those families destroyed by war.

                       Hi my name is Autumn Rinehart. The issue I'm talking about is immigration. The reason why I'm talking about this situation is because we need to have our hearts open to refuges because they are just trying to escape a war going on in their country. If they escape their country we need to help them out.

                        My suggestions are that we need to get them signed to be an American as soon as we can. The reason is so we don't call them immigrants. My second suggestion would be that we should welcome them to work where they want to so they can earn money. We need them to try and help if others lose their job.

                        Others should care of this issue because if we refuse to let them in we would basically be committing murder, because if they return to their country they could die by gunfire,oil fire , & bombs. Others also need to care if it was them in their shoes. If we were in their shoes we would see the world in their eyes, how horrifying it is. If we were their children I would be harder to live in a country while there is a war going on with no supplies.


                                                                Autumn Rinehart from Fort Wayne, IN