Stella Michigan

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse is becoming a big problem in our area. It's becoming too hard to handle. This letter showcases how animal abuse is affecting not only the animals but us as humans too.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I am a student in Fenton, Michigan Something that really concerns me is animal abuse and cruelty. It happens all around the world, it could also be happening in our own community. Every 6 seconds an animal dies from animal abuse, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 poof. Animals don’t deserve that kind of life, they deserve a happy long life like us as humans get. I believe that animal abuse is cruel and unbelievably mean.

I’ve never seen animal abuse in the act, but I still care about it as much as I care about child abuse. There is many different types of animal abuse not just 1. Like animal neglect where people ignore their animal such as not feeding them the right way. But one really big animal abuse type is physical abuse like hurting the animal. According to Human Society 70% of abuse involve dogs 20.9% involve cats, and 24.1 involve other animal like horses. It’s scary because there is no way to really stop this. Another really surprising fact is surveys say that men over 30 are likely to abuse animals and woman over 60 are more likely to hoard animals. For example a 60 year old woman got charged with animal abuse in Minnesota of hoarding more than 500 cats in her basement.

I believe animal abuse is very cruel and super mean to animals. We need to stop it! A solution is to teach children while their young how to treat animals. Also if we suspect any kind of animal abuse we need to report it right away because you might just save an animals life. One other way to help solve it is to adopt animals so they won’t have a chance to be abused.

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Stella Hufton