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More money to space exploration

The nasa budget needs to be raised significantly in order for progress in space exploration to be achieved, and for the human race to move into the future.

Dear future president,

The nasa budget is around 18 billion dollars a year. Which seems like a lot, but is actually only about 1% of the budget for the United States each year. A lot of the budget does go towards military and defence, as well as healthcare, education, and other things, which is important, but all I am asking you, future president, is to hear me out, and that you take into consideration of raising the budget for nasa.

One reason nasa's budget should be raised is a considerable amount of new technology has come out of the space programs. A few are the MRI and CAT scanning machines, a more nutritious infant formula, carbon fiber, and the grooves on the sides of highways. All of these have helped people in their everyday lives, and thousands of other inventions developed by nasa have helped people as well.  

Another reason nasa's budget should be raised is that most Americans believe that the space program is beneficial. 67% say they are interested in the space program, and 64% think that the space station was a good investment. A lot of people also think that nasa's budget should be increased, around 63% of americans. Finally, a lot of people are also optimistic about the future, in that astronauts will have landed on mars and ordinary people will be traveling into space by the year 2050. Also, many people have been and probably will be inspired by aerospace achievements made by nasa.

One final reason nasa's budget should be raised is that current nasa projects could help prevent the extinction of our species. They have a project to capture an asteroid and study it. They want to find methods of stopping an asteroid or comet from hitting the earth. Also, if nasa establishes a colony on mars, if an extinction event (not necessarily an asteroid impact) ever happened on earth, the human race would still be able to survive because it would be more spread out through space.

In conclusion, nasa should have a larger budget. Not necessarily a huge amount more, but maybe go from 1% to 2% of the national budget. Just think of what nasa did with the apollo missions in just a couple years, and that was just because they had a much larger amount of money to work with. We as a nation and a human race could advance so much farther if we put more effort into space exploration. And all it will take is a little more money put towards it.

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