Devin S. Kentucky

College Education Expense

Here I will write about College Expenses to our next president.

Dear Mr or Mrs president some people find it hard to go to college, as president you do have some power on whether or not to change that. Here are some reasons you should make it easier. Also here are some of my answers to the expense of college.

Let me first address the question of affordability, which looms so large in today's constrained economy. In private, nonprofit colleges and universities today, students on average pay about half the full cost of their education. The stereotype is entirely false that private colleges enroll students who are much wealthier than those at public universities. In fact β€” counterintuitively β€” there is a higher proportion of low-income students at nondoctoral private colleges and universities than at public research universities.

I believe that college cost should be lowered for all the students who have a B average at least by 50%. The college could make fundraisers for the school, and they would still get 50% of the money that they would usually get. Which would be around 14,475 per person with a higher average than B, and normal prices for a C average and below. For all the students with a B average this would show that hard work is rewarded, and would make them want to work harder to reach there goals.

Also many people who arn't as smart as others tend to not go to college because they think they can't get a job to pay for it, only because they weren't as smart as everyone else. Some parents only give their children only like 200 dollars, if any, and that doesn't really make a difference for someone who is really independent. Another thing is, what if your mom/dad has 10 kids and your the youngest, if they don't have a very well paying job u most likely will either have to pay it yourself or not go at all. Next time your child ask you for help embrace it! You won't have it for long...

Thank you for your time Mr or Mrs president. I hope u consider the idea of lowering college expenses. 


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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