National Debt

While in the white house please make sure that you make us get out of the debt. As much as Obama was a good president, even though you are better ;), the debt continues to get worse as each year goes by. From just the beginning of January, 2016 it was at $13.62 trillion dollars and now after 12 months it’s at $18.96 trillion dollars. We really need to be careful of what we spend but we need the help from you to get the job done. In the meantime, we need to work on the fact that as each year goes by more and more people become homeless due to unemployment. We could at least use the money for something useful, like trying to keep people alive. Most people are poor because of minimum wage, which needs to be stopped. Which in that case their needs to be a great change in how many high school graduates get into a good college or university. So we need to make college tuition lower and more affordable because most of the students do so well in high school but don’t have the money to get into college. As you can tell, the U.S has many problems to fix but the main ones have to do with the national debt and that’s the number one major thing we need to fix. It is easily seen that all the problems tie around money issues. Thanks again, Katie