Mark C. California

Race relations in America

Race relations are worse than ever in The United States.

Dear Future President,

Hi, my name is Mark Anthony, I got to Pacific Coast Charter School . I'm writing to you today to address a big issue in our nation. The one issue that is destabilizing our country and causing so much hate and violence is race relations. For the past few years it has been getting worse and worse to the point that there have been multiple riots and homicide cases surrounding the issue. Many politicians, especially this year's presidential candidates, have promised to do something but it's still a topic people try to avoid or just don't know what to say about it.

I am not the only person who thinks race relations are horrible in our country today. 69% of Americans say race relations haven't been this terrible since the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. The relationship between African Americans and the police is almost completely non existent. In 2014 only 17% of Americans thought race relations were bad, now in 2016 35% of Americans think race relations are worse. Things are so bad that more than half of African American people and nearly half of white people have said they were not surprised by the Dallas police killings. According to a survey, whites and hispanics say the police force gives them a sense of comfort and security while most African Americans feel unsafe, “I have been in situations where the police have made things worse rather than better” says Ayesha Numa, a black woman living in Kansas City. 

Some people have said it's not 100% the police’s fault all the time but also citizens who are not willing to comply and therefore contribute to these incidents occurring. To be honest that is rather true, let's be real we as Americans can be pretty non compliant with government officials and that should change.

Well you may be asking, “what can I do about this?”. Well I think you should start with our police departments. Lets try to improve law enforcement training, not just on how to fight crime but to also be a bit better when communicating with people so that there is no misunderstanding. Better communication will benefit race relations a lot. Another thing is show the public that the police truly are doing everything they can to solve “racial” incidents or that they treat cases that involve African Americans with just the same amount of hard work as cases involving white Americans.

I hope you read this letter I truly do. I hope that this letter was able to help you be a better president and to show you just how bad things have become in our country. Be the president our modern society needs and help us create a better future starting with improving race relations. After all, if we all get along we can work harder towards a bright future for our nation. God bless America and God bless you Madam President or Mr President.


                                                                                                                            Mark Anthony