Anel California

Immigrants in the United states

This is my opinion on what Immigrants are needed for in the united states

Here in the united states, we see thousands of people who are undocumented who came here with a dream. A dream to make their lives better. After all, isn't that what America is about? To follow dreams? To want and build a wall is pointless. Having immigrants here in America doesn't just have its downs. There are also many things that can benefit America.

I feel like,iImmigrants are the base of American agriculture. When you drive by the Strawberry fields, or raspberry fields, you see immigrants. Not all of them are, but the majority are. They work in agriculture because it's too difficult to get a job without being legal and to support their families, which is the main reason that most immigrants come to the United States for, for protection, work, a life. A free life. They come here to be somebody in life. Whether they come from Mexico or other places. Africa, the middle east, Asia. They come here to live the American Dream.

Here in the United States, we claim to be a free country. A country where we make lives better, we make the American dream come true. We promise all of these things for people. We promise to help them become somebody. We have so many promises, yet. None of them come true because of our race. We shouldn't chase down immigrants, or kill them. I feel like we should give them more opportunities. A chance in this world. We should really see how they benefit America instead of focusing how to find them and throw them out. By building a wall, we'd kill those dreams. America would really be contradicting its promises. The land of freedom would become the land of lies and selfishness.

I feel like we should have a new law, one that will allow immigrants to become a United States Citizen, not just throw them out. Such as proof that they are working or help for their families. We see these workers in the fields, if we throw them out, we'll be in serious agricultural problems, because those are the jobs that in reality, no other American would work in. I have seen so many people who are immigrants, that work very hard, and do their best to make a living. We should really give these people a chance in The States. Giving these workers some more freedom and rights. This is something I truly believe in, so please. Let's give these people a chance to live the American dream.