Khelyn A. New York

Our Nation's Greatest Issues

As history continues, immigrants have done a lot for nation. treating it as their own motherland by helping it to prosper to the nation it is. It is the government’s turn to return the favor by protecting them from deportation.

Dear President,

        You have worked so hard to get here and now that you have been elected.  It is your responsibility to uphold your promises.  One of the major issue that our nation is facing today is immigration.  Our immigrants are being called “rapists” and “criminals” by several American citizens, when they are truly the heart and foundation of country.  Without our immigrants, the United States would not have been able to build our first railroads back in the 1860s with the help of the Chinese and Irish immigrants that arrived.   As history continues, immigrants have done a lot for nation. treating it as their own motherland by helping it to prosper to the nation it is.  It is the government’s turn to return the favor by protecting them from deportation.  In order for the country to avoid protecting criminal immigrants, they should be first complete background checks for committing any serious crimes either here or in their homeland.  There are many undocumented people in the nation that are hard working people who have started their families here and have been acting like an American citizen by paying taxes,  those people should be become permanent aliens because they have done nothing than try to gain the government's trust to help them.

        The United States has come a long way since the civil right movement trying to treat everyone equal no matter their race.  However discrimination still remains an issue in our country.  There are many rallies that are taking place across the country dealing with discrimination issues, one of the major rallies is the “Black Lives Matter” movement because many African American’s feel that the criminal justice instead of protecting them are attacking them.   In order to avoid further tension, the government must make changes in their criminal justice system by making sure that everyone that is working in the system is not racist not only to African American but also toward Hispanics, Asians, etc. Furthermore, the government should establish a new format for the required training targeted to deal with the issue of racism and make sure that every cop is being taught the same across the country.

        Our nation is dominated primarily by the female population and they should be able to be treated the same as men.  There is no reason that in 2016 females are still not being paid the same amount as men.  Over the past 8 years under Barack Obama’s presidency, the LGBT community has been allowed to marry people of their same sex, but women are still being paid 20% less than men for doing the same job.  By having the government allow this continuous discrimination, they are supporting patriarchy in the workplace, making it impossible for women to earn more and become more successful.  Women everywhere in the world hold the biggest responsibility of motherhood.  They should be allow to decide what they want to do with their own body.  There have been many rights that women have been stripped of in the past, including the right to vote.  Their decision of becoming a mother should not be taken from them; they are the ones that will have to carry that child within them and make sure that the child receives the best live they could.  Many women have to resort to terminating their pregnancy because they are not in a situation where they could look for their child.  If they were paid the same as men, they may be able to support the child, reducing the number of abortions in the United States.

        Another issue that our country faces is the amount of jobs our nation has.  Ever since the Great Recession, our president Barack Obama has done his best to increase jobs and has actually helped to decrease the number of unemployed workers.  We cannot expect there to be jobs from one day to the next.  But if unemployment keeps decreasing as it has we may be back to where we were in many 10-20 years. However, many people are saying that immigrants are coming here and stealing jobs.  But if we compare the United States to other countries in the Americas, we are actually doing better than many other places where citizens are actually starving and people are dying.  Also if everyone paid their shared amount of taxes, the government could use that money to pay for students education making them want to continue with their studies and some may start their own businesses creating more jobs.

        Lastly, over the past few years there have been an increase in shootings across the country especially in schools.  Ever since the Sandy Hook shooting many parents have not felt safe sending their children to school unaware what will happen.   There have been many cases where children have been found to have been possessing a gun in school or somewhere else and in few have they actually ended up shooting someone.  The gun laws in this country have allowed people to have guns in their home for their protection but those guns that are meant for protection are ending up in children’s hand.   Our government is allowing for children to be raised believing it’s okay for them to be shooting anyone with all the news that is occurring everywhere.  The clowns that have caused terror this past month, may have been fake but is allowing children the future of the country to believe it’s okay to be threatening anyone because it is funny.  The future of the United States stands in the hands of the future generation and the government is failing at teaching them what not to do and continue the country’s legacy by not making any changes to the gun laws leaving a threat open to the people.


                                                                                                                  Khelyn Arteaga

Repertory Company High School

Period 4

Letters to our Future President

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