Benjamin R. Missouri

Cure For a Malicious Endemic

With small changes i believe you can end discrimination.

Dear Future President,

I know that today’s American society has a plethora of flaws. I also know the things you can do about these flaws are limited.The problem I bring forth is a problem I feel you can help change. Discrimination is an immense flaw that america faces. Not all americans do it but a great deal of them do. Especially in rural communities like the one I call home.

Discrimination affects a wide variety of people. People fall victim of discrimination because of race, sex, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation. Discrimination is caused by people being different; we can't change our differences. What we can do to stop discrimination is teach children at a young age that they should love everybody. This should not only be taught at home but,at school also. Discrimination happens everywhere.According to Charles Jackson of the Salem Press ,“Discrimination in one form or another appears to be an endemic to all societies.” Discrimination has many effects people but in my opinion the biggest effect is the damage it does to your self-esteem. Studies have shown that discrimination causes depression. As the new president please make an attempt to end the discrimination in the United States. Discrimination must be stopped!


A Concerned American