alyssa California


Poverty should end

My name is Alyssa Gallegos Rivas and I am a senior at Pacific Coast Charter in California. I've spent most of my time wondering how could the next president prevent poverty from escalating so much in the United States. Many people fall into poverty due to high prices and such limited income. Middle class people should have the same opportunity as the wealthy people. Majority of the people in the United States can’t rely on help because they simply cannot afford to fall into debt. Most of the people in poverty end up in terrible situations like being homeless. High prices are really affecting lives, not only adult lives but kids lives as well. I think it's important for the next president to seek out methods to stop it.

More than 45 million people are in poverty, although it has fallen 15%, it does not mean the others don’t matter. Families that have fallen into poverty lose everything they own. Those hardworking parents try their best to work full time in hopes of providing their kid with the sufficient childcare they need. When they are old enough, their children go to school and the majority of the time a children drop out of school to help their parents out. In many situations the children that drop out of school, never get that education back from the time they have spent working and helping out their parents. Not only does the kid lose her or his education, the parents lose hope in having a better life. It only becomes a battle for both victims.

Parents till this day struggle to provide their kid with insurance or medicare. Proper health care is highly needed for families who want their kid to be safe and strong when accidents happen. But prices are so high, so high in fact that some kids don’t even go to a doctor at all during significant years. If their child gets sick, the parent wouldn’t be able to get medicine because the most effective medicine would be too expensive. Half the world wide lives off of $2.50 a day, and that will not cover much for anyone and 22 million children die each year because they’re not immunized. This tells how poverty can affect a life of a child and its family by not having the proper income in a household for a family.

In my opinion, everyone should get paid equally, the middle class and the wealthy. Every job has dedication to hard work, the only differences is the skill. No job is easy and the jobs that are put out there for such exposure to dangerous chemicals and objects are not being paid at a reasonable wage. Income for majority of the people does not get them through bills, insurance nor necessities for their lives. In the United States, most jobs are laying off their employees. Leaving them jobless and it is very important for all parents to have a stable, well paying job.

Poverty is such an important issue to solve in this country. It is not only the main cause to being left on the streets, but it also means people can die from not having the proper care like the wealthy do. The next president would be doing all of us people a big favor. To whom the next president shall be, he or she, it would be nice for a change to see people living in good conditions rather than to see them suffer.