Adrien B. Louisiana

We're All The Same Inside

People shouldn't be prejudice about skin color because we're all the same inside and we all came from the same place, even if we don't know where that is.

Dear Future President,

As Jimmy Carter said in his speech on racial inequality, “I say to you quite frankly that the time for racial discrimination is over.” Racial discrimination needs to stop and it is destroying our country. Racial inequality is still alive in this country today and you need to stop it; it is becoming a major problem. As our president, you should try to enforce laws on racial inequality.

First, people have been shooting police because of skin color. Some people can be prejudice about skin color and race because they believe that there should only be one race, such as this quote: “The gunman, whom police eventually killed, had expressed that he was upset about police shootings, and that he wanted to kill white people and white policemen.”(NewsWire 2016). People are beginning to hate white police officers and feel prejudice against them. Next, people can just be racist in general; this is because of what one policeman may have done to them or a loved one, such as this quote from NewsWire: “He told them that the white officers had killed his wife.”(NewsWire 2016). This shows that some people want to kill police because a police officer may have hurt them or their family. Finally, discrimination still exists in this world and it needs to stop, also: “Discrimination and racial bias are still perceived among all Americans.”(NewsWire 2016). This shows that, well, that's exactly what it shows.

As previously stated, you need to stop racial inequality , because we're all the same inside. Even if I’m #tooyoungtovote and only in middle school, I’m not too young to rely on my future president to stop racial inequality!


Adrien B.

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

Gifted English Grades 6&7

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