Faith K. Louisiana

Abortion- A Personal Right

Abortion isn't misused and should be a choice for the parents.

Dear Future President,

          Imagine you are 21 weeks pregnant and you are told your child will only have half a heart. He might survive for a small while but it will be a life full of pain. You have a choice to have an abortion and spare him this pain or let him have a chance to live. The most important part is that you have a choice. Many people believe that abortion is murder, while others feel it is acceptable in some cases. No one from either side gives in as this subject is as debatable as religion. As our next president, I think you should allow women their choice in abortion for their pregnancy.

          To begin, it is important that you let women continue to have their own choice in abortion because abortion is typically done earlier in the pregnancy rather than later. This means the fetus will not feel pain as Discover Magazine says that “until at least the 28th week of gestation… the necessary nerve pathways” aren’t formed. Therefore, if the CDC’s survey says that “91.4% of abortions were performed at ≤13 weeks’ gestation,” then most abortion is done before the baby can actually feel pain. In fact, the survey also said that 1.3% of the abortions were performed at 21 or more weeks; not many abortions are performed at more than 28 weeks gestation. Furthermore, abortions are typically done because the baby or mother won’t survive pregnancy. This means if you are pro-life that someone is likely to die anyway. A New York Times article says if “a fetus was found to be nonviable — to have a condition that wouldn’t allow it to survive after pregnancy… she might decide not to continue the pregnancy.” This is a reasonable decision as it will not survive either way. Finally, restricting abortion seems wrong as it is a matter of belief. People believe that a fetus is considered a person at differing times. In Idaho the New York Times finds that a “law that prohibits abortions of fetuses 20 weeks or more after fertilization is unconstitutional.” This means that this law should be unconstitutional in all states as it would let women have their own choice in abortion.

          Once more, I feel strongly that as the future president, you should allow women to be able to choose whether or not to have an abortion for their own pregnancy. I know that I am only a middle-school student, but I understand people’s beliefs for and against abortion and think that people should get to have and act on their individual beliefs. I empathized with the story I told you in the introduction paragraph that actually happened to a lady named Meredith Isaksen. She decided to get an abortion, but says it was the right choice for her family. Everyone should get to make their right choice, no matter which choice is theirs.


Faith K.

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