Ryan R. Louisiana

Student Loan Debt Bringing Us Down

The debt caused by student loans cause more students to not to go to college which brings our country down and puts us in more debt.

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Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Students in the U.S. have $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. This proves that the U.S. has too much student loan debt. Student loan debt is becoming bigger every single day. If this continues, the amount of debt will become out of control. As our next president, you should work toward decreasing debt from student loans.

Starting off, you should work on decreasing debt, because college costs are causing people to take student loans which causes debt. College is the best way to get started in this country and it causes too much debt for a person to get far in this economy. As Barbara Lee says, “The rising cost” of college “have forced many students into debt” (Lee). What Ms. Lee means is that college is becoming too expensive for children not to go into debt and this will cause even more jobs and money to leave the country, which in turn cause our country’s people to become pickpocketing thieves. Additionally, student loan debt prevents important purchases, such as a car or house. In fact, LendingTree Study says, “When” students are “asked which investment … has been delayed due to student debt repayment, the most frequently cited were … purchasing a house (45.31%), buying an automobile (44.74%)” (LendingTree Study). What I think they mean is that most people with student loan debt can’t afford to buy either a house or a car and this restricts them from getting on with their lives. Finally, debt from student loans is not decreasing. Student loan debt is the only type of debt not to decrease since the 2008 recession. As said by Gale in the article “Here’s What the Average American Owes After College”, “College loans are the only category of consumer debt that’s failed to decrease” (Here’s What the Average American Owes After College). This means that student loan debt is the only debt that hasn’t decreased and it will only get worse where to poeple can’t afford to go to college in the next few years. Debt is bringing down our country and most of it is coming from student loans.

Once again, Mr./ Mrs. President, you should work toward freeing people from student loan debt. Even though I am a 7th grader, I still understand debt from student loans affects our country. It brings our citizens down where they cannot rise back to how they were before the debt. This will probably Unless you, the president, does something the debt will not go away, it will only increase.


Ryan R.

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