Andres K. Massachusetts

Racial Profiling Is a Rising Issue

Racial Profiling is a horrible thing. It should become a thing of the past. I hope that my incidents and facts about racial profiling will be a compelling read for you.

Dear Madam or Mr. President, 

One issue that i'd like to talk about is racial profiling. This comes close to me because I've been profiled many times. It is also a growing issue, police departments are killing people based on color. No matter whether you are hispanic or black, it is still a life in front of a barrel of a gun. Many instances of people of color and violent crimes towards them have arisen, from broken tail lights to smoking a cigarette (mistaken for marijuana) cops seem to act more violent towards people of color in whatever situation. How it usually goes down is that the individual is stopped usually for suspicion of something, when the officer arrives to the door the individual asks what is wrong and claims they have done nothing, the officer then proceeds to get violent towards the individual because he claims he was reaching towards a firearm when it was really only the man’s Identification .

 I think Trump wouldn’t help this issue at all because he wants to bring back stop and frisk. Stop and frisk was used at a very violent time in US history. It was used to profile either Italian people suspected of being part of the mafia or stopping people in black and hispanic communities based on color and just suspicion. Although it proved effective they were still profiled and this caused distrust from communities to officers. When Trump brought up inner cities at the presidential debate in hofstra, Secretary Clinton was quoted saying “he paints such a dire, negative picture of black and hispanic communities in our country.". Trump was seen saying “you can't walk down the street without getting shot we have to bring stop and frisk back. Its horrible out there.”. He also was seen saying “Those in inner cities are living in hell.” Trump gave both of these comments at the presidential debate in Hofstra earlier this year. I doubt that Trump has ever visited an inner city nor has he stepped a foot anywhere outside of 5th avenue. I think it's just wrong to bring stop and frisk back.

I have been profiled multiple times, one example that really hurt me was that one time when I went into a Louis Vuitton store. I was alone and did nothing except for ask for the price of a bag and they asked me to leave because I was “causing trouble”. Another example includes me riding public transportation and people move away from me and keep their arms wrapped around their bags and purses, this makes me feel hurt because when I look down the aisle people are sitting next to each other and have their purses and bags laying around. I don't like the distrust that people have against me for just looking at me.

What I propose to the next president is to make racial profiling a thing of the past. The way we would do this by is we would raise trust between police force and citizens of colour.

I hope this will reach the president or someone of high authority that can make a difference.


Andres K.

Baker ELA


8th Grade

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