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College Debt

College Debt Demarco Kelly

  • Dear Future President ,The cost of going to college has went up a lot.College has become a problem for students over the world.The financial struggle of going to college has millions of students from getting a college education.The college tuition has doubled since the 90's.Most family in America are not able to paid they child thought college.  

     People from all over the world are in debt , because of they students loans.The average college tuition is 25,000 per year. This is a major problem in the  United States  is the College cost. Students that are academic able the scholarship are even limit for them.So the financial struggle just got even worst.

   If them were  free college there would be more students going to college.They won't have to worried about that college tuition. Neither want they have worried about having to go into debt. More students would the opportunity.


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