Madison L. Louisiana


We need stronger security in our borders.

Dear Future President,

Someone once said, “It’s not just illegal immigration, it’s invasion”. This is exactly what is happening in America today: an invasion. Illegal immigrants are pouring into our country like torrents of rain. This is a problem because the government has no idea who these immigrants are and what their plan is. As our next president, you should create stronger security in borders.

To begin, it is important that you create better security while immigrants are crossing the border. This is because illegal immigrants could possibly be terrorists. Some incidents have occurred recently where “terrorists [have] killed 130 people in Paris… [and] a terrorist couple killed 14 people in a California shooting” (Immigration: Peril or Promise). The citation shows that some illegal immigrants have bad intentions for America. Safety should be a top priority. Likewise, there are one too many immigrants coming to America unemployed. Some do not realize that “unemployment among the foreign-born...sits at nearly 16 percent, compared with 10.8 percent for native born citizens” (Immigration: Peril or Promise). You can see that on average, there are more immigrants unemployed than American citizens. This is an example of how immigration “was a political accident waiting to happen” (Immigration: Peril or Promise). Finally, many immigrants come to America with little skill because they are uneducated. Research shows that “Nearly 40 percent [ of illegal immigrants] lack a high-school diploma” (Immigration: Peril or Promise). This proves that almost half of the immigrants in America are useless because they can not work if they are uneducated. With these points in mind, the issues of immigration need to be fixed.

Once again, Mr./Mrs. President, please use your power to create stronger security and borders for our country. Even though I might be too young to vote, I am not too young to understand the the controversies and problems of illegal immigration. This has affected my family because “Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $45 billion a year in healthcare, education…”. I worry that more things will get out of hand and more people, even my family, could be injured or killed. Things will only get worse, unless you do something to fix them.


Madison L.

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

Gifted English Grades 6&7

Gifted English writers of Patrick F. Taylor Academy.

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