Sophie L.

College Tuition

Due to an increase in college tuition prices, it has become increasingly difficult for high school students to attend college although a higher level of education is essential to success in one's personal life and the growth of this nation.

As a senior in high school, college is right around the corner. I have applied to several schools and have started to become quite excited at the prospect of college. But between applying to the colleges in general, applying to every scholarship I can find, and trying to still pass my high school courses, the application process has become overwhelming. The staggering tuition prices can make the thought of attending college next year daunting, and I have had to scour the internet for every possible scholarship in order just to attend the school of my choice without going into severe debt. The average price of tuition has risen 179% since 1995. Out-of-state tuition has risen 226% since 1995. In-state tuition has risen 296% since 1995 (U.S. News). These statistics are shocking considering it is essential for the rising adults of this nation to get a quality education. Schooling is an integral part of a young adult’s life and can put one on the right path to succeeding in life and contributing to the growth of a city, state, and even country. Some may say that there are plenty of scholarship opportunities that cover the full cost of tuition, yet even when those are taken into consideration, the sheer overwhelming price of books and room and board can once again make a prospective student sweat. As President, there are many other pressing matters, such as defense of the nation, that you have to consider on a daily basis, but education should be near the top of the list. In order for a nation to grow, the people need to be well-educated and well-informed. How are future generations supposed to achieve that if they cannot afford to receive higher levels of education? It is your job as President to ensure the benefits of the United States to all people which includes the right to an education. The lowering of college tuition should be seriously considered in the near future not only for the people but for the growth of this great nation.