Christnel O. Massachusetts

Education & the Economy

Money = Education

Dear Mr. Mrs. Future President,

My name is Christnel Orisca I am   a senior at the Community Academy Of Science And Health. I am writing you about education and the economy.

Today is a good day for me to write you this letter to let you know how I feel about what's going in my mind about the country. I'm an immigrant I'm from Haiti.  I'm the youngest of my  siblings in my family and my education is very important for me.   And I came to the United States to get a better opportunity. 

 After high school, I would like to go to college study something to make my family proud and help them to get a better life.  Bur the thing is they don't really speak English so they can't even make a good salary so they can help me with college.  They making $10 per hour and that can't even help them to pay their bills.  I think its important for you to allow them to make more money so they can get some to save for me and my siblings' education.  

College is expensive and we have to do it to make them proud and become better people in life so we can change their life make them feel proud so they don't regret all their hard work  .Please help us because education is the key, and without education our life is nothing.