Averee B. Louisiana

Out of Control: Illegal Immigrantion

What Happened to the word "Secure" in our country?

To the President of whom i hope this concerns, our Nation is a free one of whom is defined as a place full of greater opportunity for people of all races, backgrounds, religions, and ideas. But... illegal immigrants are getting away with to much! How can we trust them if they can't follow our protocols? Everyone is required to go through the process of becoming a United States citizen. Our security however, is failing to do its job as it should. Immigrants are constantly slipping through our unsupervised borders and coasts. New Mexico is a well known drug exchange area into the United States. With the combination of these two problems, we see that security must be improved not just by our police in these areas but the next president should formulate an affordable, fair, effective plan to help decrease these illegal acts from worsening our grip on outside activity. Think about this: You are from Iran and want to leave for the United States in order to have a better life. But you're not wanting to cooperate with the Government's immigrant process nor be stuck wasting so much time on becoming legalized. So you decide the only way to get there is to sneak in to the country's borders. You would be breaking the law but you don't have the time to wait. Now's your chance so go! It's unfair to those who follow our protocols like they should and if you can get away with that then you can get away with anything because we didn't have the security to address your action at hand. Yes, there is so much war and suffering in other countries but does that give others the direct right to smuggle themselves over our borders when they please? We don't know what your life is like in the country your originally from but if you wish to be apart of this great nation then follow our laws accordingly like all of us weather natural or foreign are required to do. Drugs are used by so many criminals all around the country. New Mexico and the US are like secrete trade partners in this deadly business. Police need support and the skills to protect and defend the innocent citizens you are governing over. Your job is to keep the law and order not just here but help keep it going even in other countries who surround us. Drugs are deadly to innocent lives. Addiction is the ugly result they get. I do believe in the government's potential to protect and serve but i truly believe in no matter who the president may be they will strive to achieve what i the issues that i have presented to them here for a better future. We cannot ignore these issues anymore and if we work together anything is possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on our nations issues. Sincerely, Averee Burnham of Ferriday Delta Charter.