chayse h. North Dakota

College Tuition Price Increace

The price of college is rising to fast and government is still making budget cuts. And many students that want to go cant afford it without scholarships.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you about the rising cost of college tuition. According to the College board and Annual survey of colleges the price of going to college was increased by 11% in 2015 alone. This affects many American that wish to attend college but their families may not be able to afford to send them. Most people recognize the problem with the high inflation of price but still nothing is done about it.

In order to fix this I think there should be more government funding towards colleges. I think that instead of the government budget cuts on colleges they should put more funding into them. I also think that there should be more scholarships given to students that actually want to go to college. According to Mark Kantrowitz the author of “Secrets to Winning a Scholarship” only 0.3% of student get enough money to cover the cost of attending college full time. If a student wants to go to college but does not have the money I think the government should be more willing to help out with the price of their education.

Some people argue that not all students pay for the full sticker price of the college. But even though they are not paying the full stick price the price is still very high and it's very hard for some families to be able to afford sending their children to college especially when they send more than one child to college.

Now more jobs than ever are requiring some form of higher education in their workers and college prices are only going up. It’s up up to us to make college more accessible for the future of our country. We need a higher education for the future success of our nation. I hope this article has brought more awareness to the situation.


Chayse Haberman 

Magic City Campus

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