Sydnee Michigan

College Debt

There needs to be something done about the college debt student are in after they finish school.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on your next four years of presidency! That’s is very exciting to say the least, but it’s a big job to handle. You will have so much work ahead of you, so I’m sure this letter is just another thing you can add to your list of things to do. However, you might find it crazy a 17 year old can write about a pressing topic in the United States and be able to persuade you to think about the topic. Nethertheless, it is quite possible. In this letter I want to talk to you about student loans and ways for a student to pay for college. I know this subject has been brought up quite often, but I feel the United States needs to have free tuition to colleges.

On average, according to college access and success, 68% of student who graduated in the year of 2015 had a student loan of $30,100. This is 4% more than the previous year. At the rate this is going the percentage of student loan will only increase as the years go on. Student who seek financial aid are sometimes rejected, and in this case won’t be able to attend college because they have no way to pay for it. With student loans, many will refuse to pursue what they desire because they can’t afford it and this will result in them having low wage jobs for the rest of their life. If we had free college tuition, students will more likely to pursue their dreams and not have to worry about paying for their tuition. People won’t have to seek assistance from the government or any other financial help.

For some people, myself included, come from middle wage jobs. Their parents aren’t able to pay for further education beyond high schools because there are other important bills to pay to stay afloat in the United States. This will result in more students to get jobs while in high school and college to just save enough money to go to a community college. This will refrain student from being able to study and it makes the year more stressful causing students to drop out before they finish. People who have very high intelligence most of the time will end up going to a low costing college and not a higher costing college where they need to be. If we had free schooling, students will be more likely to pay attention to their studies and graduate college with a degrees.

Now I know you're like ‘yeah I have heard this all before’, well I’m going to tell you a couple ways you could actually fix this problem. First off you can close corporate tax so companies have to pay taxes and not be able to legally get around it. Another way it you can increase taxes on the millionaires and billionaires so they will be paying for more instead of less than the average income family. Cracking down on wasteful government money spending because let’s be honest some things don’t need to be bought and the money could go to a greater cost. In other countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, they don’t have to pay a college tuition and if they do it is very small price. This allows then to be able to pay attention to studies and pursue their dreams. In Denmark, according to a friend, they actually get paid to study. For Granted they have to pay higher taxes, at leaster their students are learning and not dropping out like in the United States.

I hope you consider this as a pressing matter and will take action on it soon. Whether it be to have free college tuition for students or lower the cost of tuition so student won’t be in debt. Something needs to happen soon and I believe this will decrease the dropping out rate and make our country smarter in making decisions in the future. I will leave you with this last though:

Education is the path to the American Dream, but how can we have it if we can’t even afford to go?



Hanover-Horton High School

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