Ashley V. Wisconsin

No homework

Students are under to much stress for homework.

Dear future president,

I feel there should be no homework because parents are doing students work for them, homework can lead to boredom and homework puts stress on the student.

I personally think homework puts unnecessary stress and pressure on students. Teenagers don’t have much free time in the day already when they come home after school to do homework when they have sports, being involved in the community and to study. But the first time that’s left over is forced to do homework. Homework can also lead to boredom. When you’re bore of something you’re not going to continue to do something right? No this is why teens are dropping out of school these days Lastly if students don’t know something they are suppose to ask a parent for help. But in some cases the adult is doing all the work and that is not okay. Teenagers aren’t learning that way.

Homework is a problem and something needs to be changed. It’s unnecessary ad most of the time not even a grade. So why would even have it and cause stress?