Sarah M. Wisconsin

Gun Violence

In order to keep people safe, gun laws must be changed or altered.

The gun laws in the United States should be modified or changed. I think this because today people abuse their power to bear arms, which puts lives in danger.

The first reason I think the gun laws should be changed, is because 74,000 more people are injured each year due to gun violence. 33,000 people are killed, half of which are children. In total about 455,000 people are victims of gun crimes.

The second reason I think the gun laws should be modified, is because there have been many major events in American history that had to deal with guns. Some of those events include: Valentines day massacre, killing 7 people, JFK assassination, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Kennedy, Texas University mass shooting, and many more.

The last reason I think gun laws should be changed, is because it would be impossible to just ban them all together. In the United States alone 22% of Americans own one or two guns 35% men, 12% women. Also America has produced about 270,000,000 guns so it would be hard to make them completely illegal.

Keeping gun usage under control does not restrict our basic American rights, it keeps the citizens of America safe.

De Pere Middle School

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