Ryan G. Michigan

Affirmative Action 2016

My letter to the president I'm pointing out how important Affirmative Action is in today's world.

 Dear Future President,

I'm writing this letter to you on the importance along with the value of Affirmative Action and how I hope you will continue to make sure this law is in place. Affirmative Action is an important issue to me because it gives students who have worked hard the opportunities that others have even though they may come from less privileged parts of the world. Affirmative Action also helps create more diverse college campuses, work environments and communities which help the world become more progressive and equal for all.

Today the world is a lot different than it was 150 years ago, everything is more diverse and progressive in society. In today’s world any given individual can hold any job or be employed to any company if they work hard enough and willing to do the work to achieve this goal. With the world now being ever changing and things keep progressing to a more unified future, wouldn't it make sense for college to be as diverse and progressive minded as possible? In The Washington Times from October 20, 2014 Barack Obama said “most of the time the law’s principal job should be used as a shield against discrimination.” What Obama is saying and I agree that to have this law you don't need to give the students who work hard special treatment because they come from less privileged families, or if they are a different race from your typical student. All we are asking is that each student receives fair and equal consideration no matter where they come from.

With the laws and standards set by the government today we have less issues with things like this happening but they is not perfect yet. We still have some people in today's world and people in high government positions who disagree with Affirmative Action.  For those who oppose Affirmative Action, I want you to wonder what it would be if you were denied a chance to go to the college of their dreams, after you worked just as hard if not harder than others who attend this university and you were rejected only because of your race.

Although things have gotten better I believe the main purpose for Affirmative Action was to help equal the playing field for those who have been oppressed over time due to their race or national origin. This was a way for the government to try to make things more equal for those who were oppressed in the past and I believe it's important they do so. I'm proud America is progressing with more diversity and equal rights for everyone, yet we have not reached full capacity for equality we are taking the right steps and Affirmative Action has been a big part in that. So I hope this letter to you has made you realize how important I believe Affirmative Action is to the country and people so I hope you continue to protect in your presidency.

Your’s Truly,

Ryan G. 

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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